Alan Briks, MA, ATR

Alan Briks MA, ATR, Board Certified, has many years clinical experience as an art psychotherapist working with various treatment populations in hospital psychiatry, community mental health clinics, and private practice. Alan currently maintains a community practice in Calgary providing service for individuals, groups and families and is an art therapy clinical supervisor. Active in teaching and art therapy program development, Alan is currently a sessional instructor in the Faculties of Nursing and Continuing Education at the University of Calgary and the Extensions Program, Alberta College of Art and Design.

Research Interests

  • art therapy as a mythmaking process
  • dyadic art therapy intervention: development of strategies and techniques in enhacing communication, insight and conflict resolution
  • art therapy clinical assessment: strategic approches to assessing family and attachement dynamics
  • play and the creative process
  • effectiveness of art therapy treatment modality for persons affected by ADD/ADHD; sexual abuse; as well as adolescents/young adults at risk


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